Welcome to Acute graphics,

a creative agency with a passion for illustration, infographics & interactive animation. Here at Acute Graphics our aim is to keep things simple and make information clear to the user.

Take a look through the gallery section to get a feel for the type of work we could create for you.

what our clients say

Andrew Diprose, GQ Magazine

“I often go to Acute Graphics for technical illustration, quick, great for detailing and easy to commission, a pleasure to work with”.

Julia Murray, Ryanair

“Acute Graphic’s illustration has become a regular fixture in Ryanair magazine. The map work is spot on with great attention to detail. Easy to work with and very professional”.

Marten Sealby, Be There! Magazine

“Having used Acute Graphics for a year now, I’m more than happy to commission Jason’s continuously consistent and clear graphical approach to any brief I put his way. A clear, simple yet cutting edge approach to his work makes for an eye-catching graphical representation to any magazine feature”.

what we do